Terms and Conditions

By registering to attend a LANage event, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

  • LANage takes no responsibility for the behaviour of, or property of LAN attendees. Attendees are expected to behave in a responsible manner and their equipment is their own responsibility.

  • LANage accepts no liability for any damage caused by, or to attendees equipment.

  • LANage accepts no liability for any injury caused by, or to any attendee at any time during the event.

  • Distributing and/or consuming of illicit drugs or alcohol is not allowed in the LAN venue.

  • Attendees must not tamper with LANage equipment, or the equipment belonging to others without the permission of the equipments owner.

  • LANage is an event open to those of all ages, viewing of material not appropriate to persons of all ages is not permitted.

  • All attendees are required to make entry payments before setting up.

  • LANage reserves the right to deny entry to anyone at anytime.

  • LANage reserves the right to search your belongings at any time for prohibited items or stolen goods. An Attendees refusal to comply will result in being asked to leave the event and/or the police will be contacted.

  • Attendees are not entitled to any refunds for any reason.

  • Attendees who disregard the terms and conditions or specific requests made by a LANage Admin or Official will be asked to leave the event, they may also be banned from future events.

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