What to bring!

  • Your computer and accessories
  • A Network Cable at least 6 meters in length (If you don't own a network cable it is possible to loan one with a deposit on the day).
  • Entry Fee (see events page for more details).
  • Food and Drinks plus money to last you for the duration of the event.
  • Drivers, software and games.
  • Headphones (No speakers).
  • What not to bring!

  • DHCP servers.
  • Illicit substances, alcohol.
  • What do we have to do if we are going to leave the event at any time?
    Make sure that all your belongings are secure. LANage does not take any responsibility for your computer or your personal belongings at any time during the event. If you need to leave the hall for an extended period of time either take your valuables with you or ask an admin to lock it away.

    What does the entry price include?
    You will have enough room on a desk to fit a normal sized monitor and case if you wish. You get a chair but can bring your own if you like as long as it isn't too big. Power and network access for one computer.

    What do we do about food and drinks?
    We suggest that you bring necessary food and drinks to sustain you for the duration of the event. This includes enough water. Water may be available depending on the event location. Its always a good idea to share an esky with a friend or friends to keep your stuff cool. At night there will be a pizza run for just $5.50 large pizza.

    What games will be played?
    Most popular games are generally played. Games like Counter-Strike, Battlefield 1942, DesertCombat, CnC Generals, Unreal Tournament, War Craft etc. If you would like to play a particular game and cant see any servers for it up, ask around on IRC and you might find some others that would like a game.

    What sort of network card do I need?
    You will need a 10/100mbit network adapter with an RJ45 socket. If you don't have one you should be able to get one from either NetPlus or Austin Computers.

    What do my network settings need to be?
    You need to have your network card settings set to obtain an IP Address automatically. Make sure any gateways or dhcp servers are disabled before arriving to the LAN!

    What if my computer breaks?
    The LANage Admins will generally only give you assistance with configuring your computer to make it run on the network. They will NOT help with operating system or hardware problems. It is your responsibility to make sure your computer is in good shape before the LAN. If you need help ask a fellow lanner, you might be lucky enough to find someone who is happy to help you. As a last resort you can see an admin however we will probably be busy.

    Do I have to sign any forms for the LAN?
    No, there was an indemnity form but this is included in the sign up process. If you would like to view the terms and condition now click here

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